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February 25, 2009


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Greg Eisenbarth

An organization needs to encourage independent thought among its people. This is the opposite of group think, which will invariably escalate in our current economic climate. Remember, General Petraeus was on the outside and brought into the power structure of the US Gov't. He brought with him team perspective, but independent thought and the ability to respectfully question authority.


Yes, the Petraeus example is enlightening. It was a cadre of outsiders that saw things differently. And while those viewpoints were shared by some internally, their opinions never surfaced with any impact.

This seems to stem from a prejudice against military opinions. It's easy for politicians to dismiss them as lacking geopolitical perspective. Both Kennedy and LBJ were known for their disregard of the military point of view, even excluding the Joint Chiefs of Staff from important military decisions.

Executives often quietly harbor the same prejudices--against Finance, or Marketing, or HR, or Legal, or the ad agency or business development partners or middle management or ... Perspectives are disregarded and voices never heard.


"Great relationships have a large room for conflict"

not sure where I heardthat quote.. but it always stayed with me...

I like it especially in a sales situation.. where prospects are always feel nervous to tell you what they REALLY think... the idea (of a superior salesperson) is to encourage dissent and immediately objections early in the process.. so that you can communicate much more efficiently.. and most importantly trust each other because you know there are no hidden agendas

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