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February 03, 2009


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Kyle MacGuire

God bless Denny's. This was such a magnanimous gesture that I hope recipients of this goodwill will remember to pay Denny's back by patronizing it in the future. Hope other establishments will take note of helping people during these tough times.

James Wagner

Either you are a complete idiot, or you have been in a cave for the past 10 years. America is leading the world in obesity, and Denny's is part of the problem, not the solution. 44 grams of FAT. mostly saturated, is a recipe for heart problems, if not an impending heart attack. It is this completely clueless reporting and commenting that continues to enforce unhealthy eating habits in our country.

Not a whole grain, or gram of fiber in the entire meal.

Nothing but garbage...egg whites, whole grain bread, and whole grain cereal would be a much better option.

Denny's...stop with the garbage meals...stop catering to the lowest common denominator...bring the people up by respecting their health.

Has anyone done a survey on the waistlines of Denny's customers? I assure you the results would be shocking, at best.


Well, I have never been accused of being a complete idiot. Partial, yes. But not complete. (I never finish anything!)

Agreed, Denny's isn't very healthy. And yes, the Grand Slam has 44 grams of fat. But what the shareholders want is profits and growth, and I suspect that the best way to do that is to continue to sell pancakes, bacon and eggs (not to mention tons of coffee).

The marketing guy who suggests switching to hot barley and fresh fruit for breakfast because it's healthy will soon find himself stocking shelves at Whole Foods.

The way to fix America's health problem is demand, not supply; pull, not push.

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